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The Bonavita Immersion Coffee Dripper is a cross between a Clever Coffee Dripper and a ceramic pour-over.

The body is porcelain — the only non-ceramic parts in contact with the coffee are the filter and the silicone stopper in the drain. The on/off valve at the bottom allows for greater control over the brewing process, and also makes for a less drippy coffee experience overall.

It is easy to be put off of immersion drippers when reading about them online — you can certainly complicate your morning coffee in search of the perfect cup (and have a lot of fun doing so) — but using these brewers doesn’t have to be involved.



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AeropressYou picked one up on a whim, or someone gave it to you as a gift.

“What the heck *is* this?” you say, as you take it out of the box. It looks like something you would use to unclog a drain.

You’re not quite sure what to do with it and a Google search leads you to a bunch of links about kicking your pressing up to the next notch, using timers, and something called the “inverted method” that, frankly, sounds rather cheeky.

Brewing good coffee doesn’t need to be complicated, and the Aeropress is as easy as it gets. I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to help you get started, but guarantee that once you are hooked you will be back on Google to see what else it can do!


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